The Second Session of the Canton Nucleic Acids Forum (CNAF) titled “Nucleic Acids Translational Research & Therapeutics” took place in Guangzhou (China) on 05-07 November 2014. The conference featured presentations from 25 world leaders in the field, representing academia, government, biotech and pharma industry. The introduction to the event was provided by Dr. Li-He Zhang (Peking University), one of the founders and key scientists in the field of the nucleic acids research in China. Dr. Craig Mello, the 2006 Nobel Prize Winner for RNAi, came to the CNAF for the second time and presented the Keynote and the Closing addresses, outlining the latest advances in the nucleic acids science. Attendees from universities, research institutes, biotech and pharma companies enjoyed the unique opportunity to learn from and communicate closely with prominent domestic and international scientists.

The CNAF is a series of recurring events with the key theme of the nucleic acids: 1) cutting edge science, 2) transforming technologies, 3) diagnostics and 4) therapeutics.

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From left to right: Dmitry Samarsky (RiboBio), Yi Jin (Suzhou Ribo), Brett Monia (Isis Pharma), Judy Lieberman (Harvard), David Lewis (Arrowhead), Richard Hogrefe (TriLink), Ryszard Kole (Sarepta), Peixuan Guo (U Kentucky), Matthew Porteus (Stanford), Troels Koch (Santaris/Roche), Li-He Zhang (Peking U), Craig Mello (UMass/HHMI), Chen-Yu Zhang (Nanjing U), Chengyu Jiang (Peking Medical College), William Marshall (miRagen), Ekkehard Leberer (Sanofi), Dirk Haussecker (RNAi Therapeutics Blog), Muthiah Manoharan (Alnylam), Kimo Sanderson (Asahi Kasei), Sven Klussmann (Noxxon), René Thürmer (BfArM), Georg Sczakiel (U Lubeck), Marc Lemaitre (Sirnaomics), Biliang Zhang (GIBH)

Dr. Craig Mello

Dr. Li-He Zhang