“Impressive speakers! High quality of science, exciting to meet experts!”

Dr. Craig C. Mello, Professor, University of Massachusetts Medical School, 2006 Nobel Prize Winner


“Excellent forum! I like young people – they are very excited about science and that’s the way it should be!”

Dr. Carlo M. Croce, Distinguished University Professor and Chair, Ohio State University



Dr. Xiang-Dong FuProfessor, University of California San Diego


“Great location, fantastic colleagues, outstanding science… Sign me up for next year!”

Dr. Michael McManus, Professor, University of California, San Francisco



Dr. Li YangInvestigator, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Science


“One of the best! Very impressive! Well focused subject, high quality information!”

Dr. Wei LiAssociate Professor, Baylor College of Medicine


“… the event was a great success.  It was a great pleasure to visit Guangzhou [Canton] and to meet so many aspiring Chinese scientists and students in attendance, among the impressive lineup of speakers, including guest Nobel Laureate…  The rate at which China is advancing in science and technology is truly astounding …”

Dr. Brian HaasSenior Computational Biologist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


“I loved the conference. The standard of the scientific talks was phenomenal and organization was top-class.”

Dr. Pavan Kumar, Senior Scientist, Eisai


 “Thanks for the amazing forum and brilliant speakers. Hope to have more of these forums as soon as possible in the future.”

Maryam RajeeStudent, SCBG, Chinese Academy of Sciences