“Congratulations and thank you for the excellent organization of this event. It could not have been done better. It was a great pleasure of being part of this meeting, with all this high quality of science, and the excellent opportunity for sharing know-how and for networking.” Dr. Ekkehard Leberer, Alliance Management, Sanofi, Founding Director, COMPACT Consortium

“Congratulations on an outstanding conference and venue! Very well organized too!” Dr. Brett Monia, Senior Vice President, Isis Pharmaceuticals, President of Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Society

“Scientifically and organizationally it was an outstanding meeting. Everything worked out so smoothly and you [the CNAF] had an incredible team who worked with a winning, positive energy always. Amazing! You had a very comprehensive program!! I also learned the scientific advances in the field from China.” Dr. Muthiah Manoharan, Senior Vice President, Drug Discovery, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Board Director of Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Society

“非常好的会议, 请到了最好的演讲人, 包括世界上做的最好的公司的总裁,及代表。” (English translation: “It was a very good conference with outstanding speakers, including top speakers from the world’s best companies in the field.”)Fangming Wu, Scientist, Xiangya Hospital Central South University

“….It was a fantastic event from my standpoint. Not only the line-up of speakers, but also the well organized nature of everything.” Dr. Matthew Porteus, Professor, Stanford School of Medicine, Scientific Founder of CRISPR Therapeutics

“The speakers were at top international level and all gave high quality presentations. Two days, a fine duration for meeting like this, and the balance between longer keynotes and normal talks worked out very nicely. It was one of the best-organized conferences that I have attended – congratulations!!” Dr. Troels Koch, Vice President of Research and Chief Technology Officer, Santaris / Roche, Denmark

“….I could not think of anything that you could have done to make the experience even better. The conference clearly achieved its goal with most of the leading RNA Therapeutics developers present and providing summaries of their technology and progress.” Dr. Dirk Haussecker, Creator and Coordinator of RNAi Therapeutics Blog

“请到了非常有影响力的嘉宾与会,组织非常成功,非常好!” (English translation: “The conference has attracted very influential speakers, and the organization was quite successful and high quality!”) Shipeng Feng, Instructor, Hainan University

“You [the CNAF] have done such an impressive job, and your service is very considerate.” Dr. Richard Hogrefe, Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer, TriLink BioTechnologies

“It is positively impressive, and everything has been quite good.” Dr. Kimo Sanderson, Vice President, Asahi Kasei

“It is excellent. Feel sort of genius about the content of the forum, and it covers a wide range of subjects like the application of high-new tech.” Dr. Georg Sczakiel, Director, Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Lubeck

“这次国际论坛的嘉宾都是国际一流的,让我的视野得到了开阔,演讲内容也很新,我对论坛的组织挺满意的。” (English translation: “The speakers were first-class in the world. Their presentations reflected the latest development and have expanded my horizon. I was also satisfied with the conference organization.”) Yunping Hu, Scientist, Xinhua Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine

“The CNAF 2014 was an outstanding event, represented by top notch scientists from around the world, and extremely useful contributions from the speakers. The event was exceptionally well organized. The organizers were very helpful and providing all the support for scientists and attendees of the conference. The amount of support provided by organizing members was beyond imagination. The event was very well organized. I wish great success of future CNAF’s!” Dr. Suresh Srivastava,Founder and President, ChemGenes


“Excellent and sound scientific program!” Jingde Zhu, Professor, Anhui Cancer Hospital

“既有前沿基础科研,又有企业界转化应用案例,不错。” (English translation: “The conference was very good with presentations focusing both on advanced basic researches and application cases of research translation from the industry.”) Shaodong Jiang, Student, Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute, Chinese Academy of AgriculturalSciences


“本次论坛非常高端,对我的研究工作起到了很好的指导作用。” (English translation: “This conference was very high quality and lit light onto my research.”) Xiaoxia Liu, Student, Zhu Jiang Hospital of Southern Medical University

“论坛的组织很让人满意。论坛内容丰富多样,既有学术又兼顾应用。” (English translation: “I’m very satisfied with the organization. Presentations covered a wide range of subjects, both from academy and industry.”) Qingjie Xia, Vice Professor, West China Hospital, Sichuan University