Jack W. SZOSTAK, Professor, Harvard Medical School, USA

“I very much enjoyed participating in the 2015 CNAF meeting. The Symposium was very well organized, and the scientific presentations were of extremely high quality – I learned a lot!  I look forward to future CNAF meetings.”

Eric D. GREEN, Director, National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), NIH, USA

“In terms of the conference, I thought you did an outstanding job organizing the meeting. The quality of invited speakers was very high, and the topics were nicely diverse and highly relevant. The attendees were clearly bright and energetic—it was fun to participate in the meeting. You have a strong foundation for planning future meetings.”

Laura SEPP-LORENZINO, Vice President, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, USA

“It was an honor to participate! The organization was perfect! Superb roster of speakers including three Nobel laureates; everybody was accessible to talk to the conference participants and there were plenty of opportunities for interaction.”

Udi QIMRON, Professor, Tel Aviv University, Israel

1. Conference organization was outstanding. Facilities were excellent, as well as food and convenience. The time dedicated for talks and for breaks was excellent – just enough to stay in focus without being overloaded with lectures. This is particularly important to maintain, as many of the guests come from different time zones, and have a severe jet-lag. Communications in advance and during were great.
2. Scientific content was excellent. Most speakers gave up-to-date lectures on the state of the art in the hottest scientific fields. Content was more or less balanced, with the expected extra focus on RNAi. The list of speakers was the most respectable list I have seen in conferences, considering that ~20% of them were Nobel laureates.

Joanne KAMENS, Executive Director, Addgene, USA

“I was impressed with the organization and implementation of CNAF 2015! The speakers all gave excellent presentations and were all doing research at the cutting edge. The organizers did a great job on logistics for speakers and for other participants. I was impressed with the engagement of the attendees and was privileged to address so many Chinese lab scientists directly.”

Mark A. KAY, Professor, Stanford University, School of Medicine, USA

“This was an outstanding conference and I was fortunate to participate. Not only was it extremely well organized, I greatly appreciated the diversity of speakers and the various topics. I learned a lot from this meeting. I also was able to meet a number of new young Chinese scientists and learn about their work. I would love to come back.”